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Historic school build makes significant progress

Jun 9, 2019

Thousands of students are now learning in new or modernized schools across Alberta as part of the largest infrastructure build in the province’s history.

Since May 2015, the provincial government has funded 244 school projects. So far, 169 are complete with 12 more expected to be finished by June 2019. Combined, all of the projects will have created or modernized about 126,000 student spaces.

“Today’s students will lead Alberta to its future prosperity. We owe it to them and their families to ensure they are learning in good schools. That’s why our government is keeping our promises when it comes to investing in school construction. With these historic investments, we will continue to ensure these schools are staffed with teachers and support staff and have stable, predictable funding.” David Eggen, Minister of Education
“We are thankful to government for funding many of our infrastructure requests. Having safe, comfortable, warm learning environments for our students makes a tremendous difference. Our needs continue to be great across the city, especially at the high school level, and we look forward to continuing to work with government.” Michelle Draper, chair, Edmonton Public School Board

Quick facts

  • During the 2018-19 school year, 37 school projects opened or will open.

  • The 15 new schools, seven replacement schools, 12 modernizations and three additions will provide up to 32,000 new and modernized learning spaces for students.

  • Twenty-five of the 37 school projects are complete

Background on Edmonton Public Schools projects

  • Originally built in the 1950s, Ross Sheppard High School is one of Edmonton’s largest schools. This modernization project includes an expansion that will add a new gymnasium, fitness facility and drama theatre. The modernization will also raise the total square metres of the school from 20,520 to 23,937.

  • Since May 2015, the Government of Alberta has funded 244 school projects, including the following nine Edmonton Public Schools projects, budgeted for about $300 million.

  • EPS new schools:

  • Soraya Hafez School (McConachie) Grades K-6

  • 650 student spaces

  • Opening date to be determined

  • Thelma Chalifoux School (Larkspur) Grades 7-9

  • 900 student spaces

  • Opening date to be determined

  • Dr. Anne Anderson High School (Heritage Valley) Grades 10-12

  • 1,800 student spaces

  • Opening date to be determined

  • EPS replacement schools:

  • Ivor Dent (Rundle Heights) Grades K-9

  • 650 student spaces

  • Opened September 2017

  • Mill Creek School (Mill Creek) Grades K-6

  • 350 student spaces

  • Opening January 2019

  • EPS school modernizations:

  • Alberta School for the Deaf

  • 170 student spaces

  • September 2019 completion

  • Ross Sheppard High School

  • 2,460 student spaces

  • September 2019 completion

  • Caernarvon School

  • 420 student spaces

  • Completed November 2018

  • Highlands School (Highlands) Grades K-9

  • 800 student spaces

  • Completion date to be determined

  • In Budget 2018, two more projects were approved for Edmonton Public Schools. Both projects are currently in the planning stage: a replacement for Westlawn School and a new K-9 school for Heritage Valley Chappelle East.

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