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Michelle Draper Seeks Edmonton Beverly - Clareview NDP Nomination

Campaign Team

Aug 24, 2022

Michelle Draper, former elected school board trustee and board chair of Edmonton Public Schools and long-time resident of Clareview, announced her intention to seek the NDP nomination for the riding of Edmonton Beverly - Clareview.

Michelle was joined by friends and supporters as she launched her campaign.

Michelle served as the trustee for Ward B in Edmonton’s Northeast from 2013-2021. Michelle has worked in government, as a teacher, and is currently working as a credentialed evaluator with her company AndersonDraper Consulting Inc. Michelle recently completed her Doctor of Education in Community Leadership. She is a strong advocate for public education and a community leader who will fight for good jobs, good schools, and strong public healthcare.

“Michelle is a strong advocate for public education and community. A long-time resident of the Northeast, Michelle understands the issues and how to advocate for change. She is a strong voice, with proven leadership, and has my endorsement for the Edmonton Beverly-Clareview NDP nomination.”

-Dr. Sandra Woitas, Educator and Advocate for Education

“I think Michelle would be an excellent NDP representative. She has always had a major impact on the community around her. I know her as a huge advocate for mentorship, and a positive influence on the education system. She has been mentoring people on an ongoing basis in the community and in schools for a long time and has been a mentor in my life for ten years. She is invested in growing her community to be one that supports all people whether they be people in foster care, special needs, seniors, LGBTQ+, and all people of the community. Vote for Michelle Draper and create a space of welcome and hope for all people to feel heard.”

-Amber Moos-Syvenky, Edmonton Beverly - Clareview Resident

Michelle is excited to put her name forward to be the NDP’s candidate in Edmonton Beverly - Clareview. The nomination meeting is scheduled to take place on September 14, 2022.

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