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Michelle is a former EPSB Trustee & Past EPSB Chair who represented the people of Northeast Edmonton for two terms (8 years).  She is an Educator and Credentialed Evaluator, with an EdD in Community Leadership.  She is a proud mother to two sons both raised in Northeast Edmonton - the community she has called home since 1998.  

Desk and Chair
Dr. Sandra Woitas
Educator & Advocate for Public Education

Michelle is a strong advocate for public education and the community.


A long-time resident of the Northeast, Michelle understands the issues and how to advocate for change.


She is a strong voice, with proven leadership and has my endorsement for the Edmonton Beverly-Clareview NDP nomination.

Shelagh Dunn
Former EPSB Trustee

Michelle Draper was Chair of the Edmonton Public School Board when I became a Trustee, and I am thankful for everything I learned from her. 


I’ve witnessed her capable leadership, her commitment to continued learning and growth, and her strength in standing up for what she believes in. 


She is dedicated to her community and I believe she would make an excellent candidate and represent her constituents with enthusiasm and care.

Andy Connelly

I have had the good fortune to know Michelle Draper from her work as a trustee with Edmonton Public Schools. I had been an Assistant Principal at a school in her Ward and was continually impressed by her vision and commitment to the people of Edmonton.


Michelle’s dedication to ensuring equity for all people is second to none. She always ensured that she was involved in the Ward’s schools, seeking information and feedback and supporting programs that made a difference in the lives of children and their families. She continuously strove through her practice and actions to end cycles of poverty and promote solutions to issues related to poverty.


Further, Michelle understands that the key to building a strong Alberta with a sustainable economy means supporting high quality education through programming and resources. In supporting schools recognized that the community school could allow families to get meaningful careers while ensuring continuity and growth for their children. She was a familiar face in our school community, reading to children, leading annual conferences on for the Elimination of Racism and Discrimination and supporting the development of programs that enable students and families to lift themselves out of poverty. As we know, this is the key to ensuring people are taken care of, but also the key to ensuring a strong economy that creates jobs in all sectors.


I have consistently found that Michelle understands the depth and breadth of the challenges that face the people of Alberta. She responds in meaningful ways that address the complexity of issues in significant ways that are both economical and sustainable while recognizing the long term implications for the people of Alberta. Her community mindedness is unmatched and her ability to turn that into passionate advocacy that leads to real solutions is second to none.


Michelle will be an excellent Member of the Legislative Assembly representing the people of Beverly-Clareview and empowering the people of Alberta.

Shirley Lowe

I am proud to endorse Michelle Draper in her bid to represent Edmonton Beverly - Clareview. Michelle has proven her leadership and commitment to Northeast Edmonton as a school trustee, Chair of EPSB, as a co-owner of a consulting business, and as a volunteer with our Rotary Club of Edmonton NE. Michelle has the experience and qualifications to make a positive difference for residents and businesses.

Rhonda Barraclough

Michelle has been an unwavering advocate for young people in Alberta and ensures that they and their families are treated with dignity and respect. Michelle’s experience with the Edmonton School Board and as an educator herself offers her the experience and ability to be a solution-focused, balanced, and results-oriented leader.

She is extraordinary at working with people to identify the desired outcomes and then support the development of a plan to get there.   I am sure that as an MLA she will use these skills for her constituents in Beverly and Clareview.

I am a leader in the Human Services sector of Alberta.

Michelle is also a small business owner in her constituency.   She understands the value of balancing the economy with the community needs and those of the environment.  She is a well-balanced, honest, fair, thoughtful leader. Politicians with her expertise and compassion for all Albertans are necessary, and she will provide optimism and balance for Alberta’s future.

With proud enthusiasm, I support Michelle Anderson-Draper as the NDP candidate for Beverly-Clareview and as a future MLA in Alberta.

Zachary Flynn
Former EPSB Student Trustee

Michelle Draper is someone who truly listens to those she represents. During my two years with the Edmonton Public School Board’s Student Senate, which her Board pioneered alongside its students, I consistently felt supported and encouraged by Michelle as we engaged in numerous conversations around education and students’ needs.


She supported the EPSB Student Senate, which elevated the voices of students to the Board, and Campus EPSB, which helped students access programming they may not otherwise have at their high school.


Michelle Draper was a true advocate for students during her time on the Edmonton Public School Board and I am confident that as the NDP MLA for Edmonton Beverly-Clareview, she will be a proud and engaged advocate for the communities she serves.

Liz John-West
Former City Council Candidate

Over the years, Michelle and I have crossed paths in our work with community leagues and the social services field.


Her work in Edmonton and as a school board trustee has shown her commitment to listening to the people while building community.


Her lived experience as a long-time resident of her riding will make her a great candidate to represent Beverly-Clareview

Amber Moos-Syvenky
Mentor Advocate

I think Michelle would be an excellent NDP representative. She has always had a major impact on the community around her. I know her as a huge advocate for mentorship and a positive influence in the education system. She has been mentoring people on a ongoing basis in the community and in schools for a long time and has been a mentor in my life for ten years.


She is invested in growing her community to be one that supports all people whether they be people in foster care, special needs, seniors, LGBTQ+, and all people of the community. Michelle has a kind giving heart and will often stop to chat with people and hear their stories. I myself was living in a group home when she started mentoring and having an impact on my life.


Vote for Michelle Draper and create a space of welcome and hope for all people to feel heard.

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